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Bisous production
We are French creatives. We conceive meaningful and innovative brand content designed to support brands in their messaging and create unique communication experiences.
Emotion is at the heart of our approach.
Technology is a means to express our creativity and come up with exciting brand experiences. We do no set limits in terms of media or technique to bring our ideas to live and match your communication objectives in a unique way.

Our Skills
Concept & Design


    • Brand strategy
    • Storytelling
    • Copywriting
    • Consulting





    • Creative direction
    • Artistic direction
    • Brand visual identity
    • Advertising and editorial
    • UI/UX





    • 2D/3D CGI motion design
    • 2D/3D CGI Post-production / montage
    • Sound design
    • Web design
    • Photography / packshot
    • Print